Shrink Wrap Project: Mission Statement

By means of individual and/or group reading and research, Team Members develop written and/or other types of summaries of theological and psychological information to assist HFBC Counseling Center Counselors and Clients involved in Biblically-based, clinically-competent, and Spirit-sensitive counseling processes. The topics which are studied are wide-ranging in scope, as directed by Clients’ and Counselors’ needs and Team Members’ interests, but are limited to those topics which are appropriate in support of counseling services delivered in a relevant Biblical community. This Mission Statement is subject to modification as the project evolves.


3 responses to “About

  1. Attractive intro page to blog with “library” photo. Good links to content.

    Conversations and Christian Counseling Today have extra lines between sections that probably would be better for readability if reduced or removed. Also, several of the following strings appear within the documents: ” Sethought -” Not sure how to eliminate these, but wonder if they come from centered text in original document.
    Overall, impressive, informative, and I think will be useful.

  2. From C. Strohbach

    In November, 2006, I was among 13 people who expressed interest in working on the “Get in the Game” opportunity called Shrink Wrap, for which David Wells is the HFBC Counseling Center staff contact. After talking with David, I agreed to be the Team Leader, and I am writing to introduce myself to you.

    I have been attending HFBC regularly since December, 2005, and have been involved in Celebrate Recovery, Men’s Life, and the Adult Choir. A nominal Christian for the first 58 years of my life, I prayed the Prayer of Salvation in December 2005, and was baptized at HFBC by Eric Reed in September, 2006. I am a secular-educated Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), although I have not worked in the counseling field for several years.

    My areas of interest include, but are not limited to, Christian integration, the practical application of Christian principles, men’s issues, recovery, and sexual integrity. I believe Shrink Wrap could provide many opportunities for me to grow as a Christian and as a counselor, as well as help people through the HFBC Counseling Center.

    I look forward to our serving the Lord together.

    Blessings and Thank You for your service,

    Craig Strohbach – in an email in Feb. 2007

  3. Angela Montoya

    Very informative and comprehensive site. Might I make a suggestion. How about constructing a list of books that have been reviewed by title and author only in addition to the list currently compiled. That way a person who already knows which book he/she wants to read can click on the title and be send directly to the review.

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